Activities - Remarks

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Shamatha Retreat - Each half hour session will consist of the following activities: 20 mins sitting meditation, 5 mins walking meditation, 5 mins break. The whole retreat will be held in noble silence. Please arrive no later than 9:45AM. No one will be permitted to enter after 10AM

Deer Park Library -There are no membership fees or fines for late return of books. Instead, we encourage members to use the facility as an extension of practice and return books on time and in good condition. Lending conditions: under 250 pages - two weeks, 250 to 500 pages - three weeks, over 500 pages - one month. The library welcomes donations of any books on Dharma or the contemplative arts.

Contemplative Photography Blog - The aim of this blog is to provide inspiration for people to explore and connect with the innate stillness and clarity of mind, and through this process become aware of the uniqueness of simple, everyday experiences. Everyone is welcome to contribute

Haiku Blog - Haiku is a form of short poetry closely linked with Zen Buddhism. Anyone who feels inspired is welcome to contribute. Both haiku and reflective photographs are welcome.

Shamatha Meditation - Recorded teachings of Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche, meditation instruction, short sits. Dharma movies screened after sit on last Tuesday of the month. Next screening: 6 October.

Wisdom Tea Party - Tea and open discussion. Opportunity to raise questions about Buddhism in informal atmosphere.

Life as Movie - Screening of reflective movies. 16 October: War Dance

Gentle Voice Radio Programme - Looking at the world through the eyes of wisdom. Interviews with various personalities.

Taste of Mindfulness - Interactive Dharma for kids (Age group: 8 to 12) - stories, mindfulness activities. Bring crayons, pencils and paper for drawing

Bodhicitta in Action - Reforesting hillsides. Bring sturdy shoes, facial mask, thick gloves and hat to protect from sun. Note: Due to the planting season drawing to a close, this activity has been suspended until next year. Other activities will begin in October.

"Shower of Blessings" tsok offering - Participation restricted to members who have received initiation to perform this tsok offering from Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche. Bring "Shower of Blessings" text and tsok offerings - which according to Rinpoche's aspirations to raise awareness of pollution and over commercialization should consist of simply packaged vegetarian goods, such as traditional Bhutanese biscuits, homemade snacks, fruit etc. Please avoid commercial goods with plastic or inorganic wrappings.

Exloring Life Through Wisdom - Exploring life through wisdom, open discussion, idea sharing (for people with addiction problems).